Thursday, January 21, 2016

Think of a City - Crashed

God damn that pink and blue (purple?).  I know I was getting all philosophical yesterday on artist-writer collaborations for Think of a City and Mingjue Helen Chen and Sam Humphries' 021 would be a perfect opportunity to continue down that road, but all I want to do is get lost in the beautiful composition and colour they've got going on, so we're going to do that instead:

Just wow.

1 - On a crashed spaceship.  One woman (Lexi) stands on top of it, helping another woman (Zella) climb out of the roof hatch.  They wear fancy sci fi clothing / armour, with floating hoops around arms, cool-looking but probably impractical helmets, and the like.  There shouldn't be much beyond the ship visible in this panel.

LEXI (grunting): *uff!*

2 - The two women walk away from the ship.  Lexi, in front, looks forward and off-panel, a mix of wonder and excitement on her face; Zella, behind her, holds hand to her head, nursing a pain and looking down.  The grass is a deep shade of blue / purple, but that's all of the planet we can see at this point.

ZELLA: Where are we?

LEXI: I dunno...

3 - The two walk across a wide field of the blue / purple grass, holding hands and looking at each other happily (if desired, Lexi could be leading the way).  In the background, huge floating towers reach up towards the sky.  The towers are a darker purple, while the sky is an incandescent pink.  Impossibly white clouds obscured parts of the towers.

CAPTION (LEXI): "Let's find out."

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