Friday, January 15, 2016

Think of a City - Edge of Forever

I don't need to tell you that Dave McKean is a mighty talented gentleman, but he was kind enough to offer a reminder in the form of 015.  I found myself quite taken by the striking contrast of the beauty and pain of the larger and smaller figures, a feeling that I couldn't shake as I sat down to write something inspired by it.

1 - The skyline of a modern-day city.  There's all manner of skyscrapers, parks, apartments, and the like visible.  If possible, draw attention to an observation deck of one of the taller buildings, with plenty of people on it looking, including a woman wearing a bright red jacket (it would likely be more the jacket than the woman that would be visible).

CAPTION (WOMAN): It's beautiful.

2 - On the observation deck, looking over the red jacketed woman's shoulders as she looks out into the city.  Another angle on the urban jungle can be shown off here.  The woman leans on the guardwall / ledge in front of her.

CAPTION (WOMAN): But everything is - you just need to be willing to look for it.

3 - The woman is now standing on top of the guardwall / ledge, a melancholic look on her face (we should probably switch angles so we can see her face).  Behind her, other visitors seem to be noticing her actions, some pointing worriedly, others stunned, and yet others moving towards her.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I wonder if taking the time to think about that more often would've made things better.

4 - Similar setup to panel 3, but the woman is gone.  Some of the visitors have rushed to the guardwall and look down over its edge.  Others hide their faces or look away.

CAPTION (WOMAN): Something to ponder on the way down, I guess.

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