Saturday, January 2, 2016

Think of a City - The Way

We're up next with Ian MacEwan's 002.  I'm all about this image, but I won't waste your time describing it when you can give it a gander for yourself:

1 - A beautiful young woman sits on a balcony looking over the city as evening turns to night.  Hearing the front door, she looks back into the apartment towards the sound and turns off the device she's holding - resulting in a brilliant blue swirl as it powers down.

SFX (from off-panel): slam!

WOMAN: You stop all the bad guys?

2 - An athletic and similarly aged man walks out onto the balcony and kisses the woman on the top of her head, smiling.  The man wears a policeman's uniform.  It, like him, is rugged and worn.  Beyond the balcony railing, a ruckus rises from the street below.
LETTERING NOTE: The shout should come from the bottom of the panel, trailing up and appearing beside the balcony edge, connoting its origin down below.

MAN: Some of them.

SFX (kiss): smek!

WOMAN: Tell me you'll stay a while before going back out this time.

SHOUT (from off-panel): Hey!

3 - The man and woman look down over the balcony edge, seeing a group of hoverbike-riding ruffians hassling some of the street vendors below.  The leading figure has one of the vendors by the front of their shirt.  The other ruffians look on, keeping others away.  A stall has been knocked over, spilling squid all over the street.

LEADER RUFFIAN: I thought we taught you how the way of things last week.

4 - On the man up at the balcony railing.  He looks down, a grimace on his face.  His hand reaches for his weapon at his hip.
LETTERING NOTE: The woman's word balloon should come from at the same level as the man.  As in panel 2, the ruffian's balloon should come from the bottom of the panel, connoting its origin at street level.

WOMAN (from off-panel):  Honey...

LEADER RUFFIAN (from off-panel): Guess some folk learn slow.

5 - The woman puts her hand on the man's arm, concern in her eyes.  The man returns her gaze, relenting.

WOMAN: You've done more than enough.

MAN: Maybe you're right...

6 - The ruffians drive off into the falling evening on their hoverbikes, brandishing bags (presumably) filled with loot.  Behind them, the bystanders approach the vendor's prone and bloodied form.
LETTERING NOTE: The word balloon should be tailless.  It should be left ambiguous who is speaking.

WORD BALLOON (tailless): It's someone else's turn.

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