Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Think of a City - It Takes Two

Patrick Crotty's 005 is painfully adorable.  I can't look at the bright blues and pastel pinks and not feel a certain sense of "d'aww!", as they say.  More than that, I love how it follows up that endearing veneer with a surprisingly deep and detailed underlayer of neighbourhood and life.  Lots to love about this.

1 - Establishing shot of a street corner in the downtown of a bustling sci fi metropolis - lots of bright, neon colours all about.  Main thing to note is that a kaju-esque monster is wrecking some havoc at this street corner.  Thankfully the thing is only a few stories tall, but it's still getting some noticeable damage in there.  A sort of biplane flies above the scene.  They obviously can't be seen in this panel, but Jet and Radio are in the plane.

RADIO (in plane): We gotta get down there!

2 - On the plane.  Closer in, we can see it has all kind of random sci fi elements that probably aren't terribly practical - an open top, visible electricity arcing out of its engines, and the like.  Radio is flying the thing, but she's looking behind her to see that Jet has already popped out of his seat and is hopping off the side of the plane into the open air.  The two are (of course!) wearing flight goggles along with equally ostentatious outfits - for example, Jet has a sword strapped to his back.

JET: On it!

RADIO: Jet--!

3 - On Jet as he plummets through the air, arms and legs splayed as a skydiver to catch some of the wind as it whips by.  The plane is visible in the background behind Jet - Radio looks over the side and yells after her friend.

RADIO: Wait!

JET (quietly): gotta time this just

4 - Back on the city street.  Jet crashes into the ground, sending up a huge puff of dust and debris.  The force of the impact radiates outwards, smashing windows, overturning nearby objects, and putting the kaju off-balance.
ART / LETTERING NOTE: Jet's dialogue here could be tied into the puff of dust / debris (you know, making the puff read out "right!" instead of having him say it.  Just a thought.).

JET: --right!

5 - On the kaju, which looks in surprise towards Jet's shout from off-panel.

JET (off-panel): Hey, ugly!

6 - On Jet, standing with sword drawn, ready to throw down.

JET: Let's dance!

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