Sunday, January 17, 2016

Think of a City - N(a/ur)ture

Wow.  On the surface this meeting of technology and nature is perhaps a simple idea, but Ingo Römling's execution with 017 knocks my socks right off.  I mean, there's so much going on here that part of me just wants to sit back and revel in all them different levels.  I suppose I should probably write something, considering the goal of my little project, but let's pause to appreciate this for a moment, shall we?


1 - An establishing shot of the downtown of what was once a bustling metropolis.  However, that was clearly many years - if not decades - ago, as there are no hints of humans having been around in quite some time.  Buildings are crumbling and vines / plants are growing up their sides, grass and flowers are growing through the concrete, vehicles have been abandoned willy nilly - that general type of thing is all about.  In the midst of this emptiness, a lone robot walks, looking up at the city in curiosity.

CAPTION (ROBOT): Things have changed a lot with everyone gone.

2 - Close on the robot as she turns to enter into the dilapidated / overrun by vegetation entrance to a condo building.

CAPTION (ROBOT): It's quieter, for one.

3 - On the robot as she climbs the building's stairs.  They should be similarly used, but still structurally sound.  If possible, keep them stark, like a concrete stairway, to emphasize the robot as the only thing approaching life here.

CAPTION (ROBOT): In their absence, I wondered if I would be lonely.

4 - Inside a condo room.  The Robot is entering through the front door, looking to something off-panel.  What can be seen of the room is without adornment or furniture.  Some leaves seem to be strewn along the floor without noticeable pattern.

CAPTION (ROBOT): I soon realized such concerns were without merit.

ROBOT: I'm back!

5 - The robot stands next to a potted tree at the window, both of them seeming to look out at the city before them (similar to the above image, but the two stand next to one another).  The window is long since broken - you don't need to have any shattered glass about, but this is how the leaves have gotten in.

CAPTION (ROBOT): As loneliness is only for those who are alone.

ROBOT: How was your day?

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