Friday, January 29, 2016

Think of a City - The Eyes Have It

After the relative dreariness of the past few entries, it's actually kind of relieving to have the bright and colourful 028 by Amei Zhao.  I love that it manages to hearken back to so many of the recent entries - as is so often the case, it feels like it is both encapsulating what's come before while also going off in a completely new direction.  I'm a little sorry for the repetition on that observation, but I don't know that I'll ever stop being impressed by how it keeps happening.

1 - Farm workers in a golden field pause in their labour to look over towards a big construction project happening in the distance.  It's still very much a work in progress, but a tall, black tower is clearly rising up towards the sky.

CAPTION: They said it was for our safety.

2 - Later.  Focus on the workers as they look up towards the sky, worry on their faces.  A dark shadow from the (unseen) completed tower covers them as they look up.  There should be one worker who stands out in the panel.

CAPTION: That if you have nothing to hide, you'd have nothing to fear.

3 - Far shot of many golden fields, each tended by many different workers.  Each field has its own tall, black tower looming over it.  Each tower has an eye peering out from it.

CAPTION: Now the sentinels are everywhere.

4 - On one of the towers, with the focus on the eye looking angerly out towards the world.

CAPTION: They see everything.

5 - The worker who was the focus of panel 2 is being taken away by two figures wearing masks (possibly decorated in some way to evoke the eyes of the towers).  Workers watch on, but other masked figures are present to keep them in line.

CAPTION: And if you have nothing to hide, they're happy to find something for you.

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