Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Think of a City - Clocking In

I can't help but feel excited seeing the slow development from one Think of a City piece to the next.  Trying to recreate the thought process that took us from yesterday's warm and cheery image to this dark, foreboding 006 by David Lafuente sets my mind on fire with the possibilities.

1 - On a steam whistle blowing, steam bursting out to show the intensity.

CAPTION: They said there were too many leisure hours

2 - A group of workers stand at a row of classic time clock machines, punching their time cards to start work.  A row of workers wait behind them to do the same.  Workers should be similar in dress - to the point where it's hard to distinguish one from the next.

CAPTION: That they would fix the clocks

3 - On one worker, looking up at something off-panel.  They wear a grimace; their eyes are sad.

CAPTION: We laughed

4 - On the clock he's looking at (you could potentially have the back of the worker's head visible if you deemed it necessary): it only has 10 hours.

CAPTION: No one's laughing now.

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