Thursday, January 14, 2016

Think of a City - If Walls Could Talk

I will confess: I've been looking forward to Dilraj Mann's 014 since I started doing these scripts.  I love how it fits into the conventions of Think of a City, reusing the colour-scheme that's been floating about the last few pieces, but how it also uses that for its own ends to tell three different stories that are all also inter-related.  I loved it so much that I actually also chose this image as my pick over at Thought Balloons around the same time that I started this project.  So this is technically my second go at it.  I hope you don't mind.

Each panel is set in the same apartment bedroom, but the time period changes throughout (mostly going backwards in time).  Ideally, it would be the same angle of the bedroom, with the decor and characters changing to mark the differences.

1 - On a young couple moving into the apartment.  They're in the process of unpacking some of the many boxes sitting all over the floor of the bedroom, but they haven't gotten far.  They're mostly making eyes at each other, smiling in the goofy way that young lovers do.  They're so early in the move that the only thing that's set up is their bed, of which only the foot can be seen on panel.

CAPTION: There's nothing I love more than a relationship's beginnings.

2 - Same room, but jump back in time to the mid-90s.  There's a different young couple and a different set of furniture and the like in the bedroom (bed in the same position).  Feel free to insert whatever 90s touchstones you deem appropriate.  The couple are making out at their dresser - the woman is sitting on top while the man stands in front of her.

CAPTION: When every day together is an adventure.

3 - Same room, but jump back in time to the mid-80s.  Same deal with different couple and furniture (bed still same position).  This couple sit together on the edge of the bed.  The woman is visibly pregnant and the two are over the moon happy.  Maybe they holds knowingly or the man holds a hand to her stomach.  Whatever floats your boat.

CAPTION: I know it can grow into a dream come true.

4 - Back in time to the mid-70s.  You know the drill.  Bed's still in the same spot, but now there's a crib set up at its foot.  This couple is arguing with each other, both of them absolutely furious.  The baby cries in their crib.

CAPTION: But it can just as easily languish into a living nightmare.

5 - Return to the initial couple and time of panel 1.  The boxes are as strewn about as ever, but now the hastily discarded clothing of the couple is strewn about them.  As the bed is ever in the same spot, only the couple's feet are visible as they get intimate (too euphemistic?).

CAPTION (1): So it's these early days that I cherish.

CAPTION (2): When anything is possible.

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