Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Think of a City - Fresh Air

While Think of a City proper is primarily to do with art and the individual artists who create it, they do also team-up artists and writers to collaborate.  020 by Simon Gane and Rob Williams is the first one we're coming across here, and like so many other aspects of the project, I find the idea intensely fascinating.  An artist and writer working together is pretty much business as usual when it comes to comics, but the idea of doing so to tell a story through a single image seems so different and unique in my mind.  The distribution of labour feels less defined, more nebulous.  But then again, in some senses I suppose that's true for every collaboration...

I feel like I'm getting a little turned around here, so let's simply enjoy the fruits of their labour for now and come back to the discussion another time.  I'm sure we'll have more opportunities down the line.

The page would be laid out as one big image (very much in the vein of 020), but divided horizontally by gutters to create four different panels focusing on different elements of the page.  Each panel could be slightly further ahead in time (not a huge amount, but enough).

1 - The top portion of the image is the edge of a big city - or what was a big city.  Most of the buildings have been knocked down and destroyed by giant mechas, which also lie damaged and destroyed in the rubble (presumably from battling each other?).  Smoke may billow out from some of the mecahs.  There could be more destruction and the like in the distance, but it's not necessary.

CAPTION: It was admittedly a dramatic way to redecorate.

2 - This panel is focused on the very edges of the city, transitioning to grass and greenspace at the bottom.  People (small with the distance) are helping other people out from the rubble, providing them blankets, hot drinks, and the like.  A line of folk walk away from the destruction and out into the green.

CAPTION: But once it became clear no one was seriously hurt.

3 - We're all green space here, with maybe a line of trees at the bottom.  This panel can be thinner than the others - we just want a bit of a pause before getting to the final panel.


4 - Beyond the small treeline, the people formerly-of-the-city are setting up a new little society in further greenspace.  What we see here is mostly people resting, dining together, playing games, and the like.  Basically, people are enjoying themselves.

CAPTION: No one seemed that upset.

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