Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Think of a City - Holding Out

Goodness gracious that is a lot of pouches!  Again, I'm all about how Think of a City can go from yesterday's lowkey scene to, 013, this violent beast by Alexis Ziritt.  I love all the violence we got going on here - past, present, and (promised) future.

1 - Establishing scene of a fantasy town / castle besieged by a dragon.  The beast flies over the town, spewing fire and causing havoc.  Based on the flames and destruction all about, it looks like the dragon's been at it a while.  In the foreground, a warrior stands behind an outcropping, hiding for the moment.

CAPTION (WARRIOR): I've long wondered if one person can make a difference.

2 - The warrior takes a moment to collect themselves / take a deep breathe.


3 - The warrior runs out from their hiding spot, moving quickly and quietly to try to get closer.  The dragon's destruction continues.

CAPTION (WARRIOR): Here's hoping the answer's "yes".

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