Saturday, January 16, 2016

Think of a City - So There's That

Something that I've really appreciated about spending time with these beautiful images each and every day is being able to take some time to consider the use of colour throughout the different entries.  Watching different colours emerge and recede over time is fascinating, but as someone who know he could be more attuned to the visual, having the opportunity to focus on varying approaches to colour - and the impacts these approaches can elicit - is rather helpful.  Of course, Pedro Cobiaco's 016 is a terrific example of that, throwing down some brilliant blacks and reds, with just a touch of white for that young girl.  Love it.

1 - Establishing shot of a house in a normal neighbourhood.  A moving truck sits outside, some parents moving in the last of the boxes.

CAPTION (GIRL) (1): Everything was going to be awful forever.

CAPTION (GIRL) (2): We'd just moved to a new city.

2 - Still outside, looking at one of the house's windows where a young, red-haired girl can be seen looking out sullenly.  In the foreground, some other kids play outside.

CAPTION (GIRL): I didn't have any friends.

3 - Inside the house.  The girl turns away from the window and sits on the floor

PARENT (off-panel): We'll be back soon, honey!  Just gotta return the truck!

CAPTION (GIRL): And there was nothing to do.

4 - Similar shot as panel 4, but the girl looks up in surprise at something off-panel.

CAPTION (GIRL): ...oh, yeah.

5 - Wide shot of the living room.  The girl is no longer alone, as a whole bunch of ghosts have appeared, flying all about, playing with boxes, and performing various other ghostly activities.  They don't necessarily seem like the most nefarious group of spooks you've ever seen.  The girl is now standing, holding her hands in front of her and looking around, unsure of what to make of this.

CAPTION (GIRL): Our house was also crazy haunted.

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