Friday, January 22, 2016

Think of a City - The Storm

I really dig this little seaside village that Ben Towle has given us for 022 and part of me would have liked to head down and explore it, walk its streets and visit its cafes as Think of a City would say.  But in considering it, my focus fell to its periphery, encouraging a different story to unfold.

1 - On a pirate ship under attack on the high seas.  An explosion and smoke burst high into the air from the ship's centre as canon-fire from an unseen enemy hits home.  The ship itself seems to be painted a deep, rich red.


2 - On Captain Belvedere, standing at the ship's wheel, holding on for dear life.  He surveys the scene before him of smoke and crew: a bucket line is already forming on the main deck of the ship as pirates scramble to put out the fire from the shot.  Others may be trying to ready their own canons for a retort.

BELVEDERE: Mr. Riggles!  Who dares to fire on The Crimson Cog?

3 - On Mr. Riggles up in the crow's nest.  He holds his telescope in front of him, as if uncertain of its use.  He looks towards the reader, stunned at what he sees.

BELVEDERE (off-panel): Mr. Riggles?

4 - On an entire fleet of ghost ships sailing towards Captain Belvedere and company.  The ships look ragged and worn to the point where they are beyond being seaworthy, but they float on, undaunted by such concerns.  The fact that they are translucent and the like may have something to do with it.

BELVEDERE (tailless): Mr. Riggles!

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