Saturday, January 9, 2016

Think of a City - Clean Break

I love the ebb and flow of the various Think of a City entries, the way they can wander and meander from one topic to the next, occasionally doubling back on something we've encountered before but bringing a different perspective or interpretation to it.  Case in point is Vanesa del Rey's electricfying 008 which of course reflects the immediate predecessor, but also hearkens back to some of the first few images of hoverbikes.  But I digress.

1 - A run down motel.  The only vehicle in the parking lot is a well-used motorcycle.  Austin peeks through the Venetian blinds of the room the motorcycle is parked in front of - there should be an inset panel (1A) around Austin peeking out to emphasize his position.  There may be some skid marks leading to where the bike is parked.

AUSTIN: Do you think we should have ditched the bike?

2 - Inset panel.  Repeat the image of Austin peeking through the blinds from outside from 1A, but much closer in.  If possible, connect the two panels as if panel 2 is magnifying the image of 1A.

AUSTIN: I think we probably should have ditched the bike.

3 - Inside the room.  In the foreground, Veera stands next to a bed that has a couple of guns, a small pile of money, and a ruined bag lying on top of it.  She angerly moves the money into a new bag.  In the background, Austin continues to look out through the blinds (looking away from the reader).

VEERA: Honey, if you could've shut up about that thing for one second and helped me with this, we would already be gone and it would not matter.

AUSTIN: You're right.  I'm sorry.

4 - Reverse angle so that Austin is in the foreground and Veera is in the background.  Austin turns away from the window (and reader), but he continues to stand next to it.  Veera is zipping up the bag, most of the money now within it.  A backdoor is visible behind her.


5 - Revert back to the panel 3 angle.  Austin is back at the window, peeking out again.  Veera is walking off-panel with the bag and guns.

AUSTIN (1): I'll just pop out and quickly ditch the bike.

AUSTIN (2): Be right back, dear.

6 - Return to the panel 4 angle.  Austin looks back from the window into the room to see that the backdoor is open and Veera is gone.


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