Sunday, January 10, 2016

Think of a City - The Waiting Game

Ten entries in, I still find myself working to wrap my head around the beautiful way imagery and colour keeps what's come before in mind while also going off into completely new and different tangents.  I think André Lima Araújo's 010 is a perfect demonstration of this, as the colour-scheme is nearly identical to the previous piece, while it would be difficult for the actual cityscape to be more different.  I know I'm verging on repeating myself the way I belabour this point, but it still amazes me.

1 - On a group of soldiers on watch in a little watchtower in the evening.  Looking through the tower window, the three soldiers are more or less goofing off.  Two are playing cards at a table (SOLDIER ONE and TWO), while the third sits to the side reading a book (SOLDIER THREE).  A small radio plays music with a little "♫" emerging from its speaker.  The soldiers' rifles are leaned up against tables and walls.


2 - On the same group of soldiers, but they look up from their distractions in surprise / suspicion when a sound is heard from off-panel.

SFX (off-panel): snap!

SOLDIER THREE: What was that?

3 - Reverse angle to be behind the soldiers as they look out the window into the nighttime city streets.  Soldier three stands with their rifle now at the ready; the other two merely look.  Before them, the street is empty.


4 - Return to the original angle.  Soldiers one and two are relaxing again, putting their guns back and returning to their card game.  Soldier three continues to look out into the night, suspicious.  A young woman hides just below the watchtower window, bracing herself against some outcroppings to stay put.  She holds a piece of piping that she has accidentally snapped off while climbing, looking a little sheepish about the whole thing.

SOLDIER ONE: ...probably nothing.

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