Sunday, January 24, 2016

Think of a City - Close to Home

Every single Think of a City piece is a wealth of detail, and Jonathan Edwards' 024 is no exception.  These organic, human-like buildings that look as if they're growing from the city proper are fascinating, but it's the little men and women standing on top of them that I can't stop thinking about.  What are they doing there?  I wonder if they aren't taking care of the buildings themselves...

1 - Eagle-eye view looking down on a wide-open veldt, except instead of animals, we've got a bunch of small bungalows surrounding a modest manor house (which is still much larger than said bungalows).  The bungalows are all of the same make and seem to be haphazardly spaced around the manor, although it's clear that they are way closer than houses normally would be - indeed, one or two bungalows might be right up against the manor, touching the larger building.  Beyond these homes, this is a regular rural grassland.


2 - Moving down and closer to the houses.  The bungalows have probably moved about a bit, but the important thing is that they are now all facing the same direction, with their front doors pointed towards something off-panel.  The manor remains in the same position, some noticeable wear and tear visible along most of its body - nothing major, but clear that it's seen better days.
NOTE: The manor should be angled so its front cannot be seen.  This reveal will wait until the last panel.

SFX (small, distant): hnk!  hnk!

3 - The bungalows are now moving away, little clouds of dust climbing into the sky to help denote this fact.  A safari truck with two men in park ranger grab - Henrik and Johann - drives up to the (still) motionless manor.


HENRIK: Go on and get, ya scavengers!

4 - Johann and Henrik two out of truck, looking on sadly at the sight they see before them.

JOHANN: Don't be mad at the bungalows.  You know they didn't do this.

HENRIK: You're right...

5 - Rotate perspective for the reveal.  Johann and Henrik look at the front of the manor, which formally had two sizeable bay windows - one on each side of the front door.  Unfortunately, the windows have been ripped out, seemingly each in one single piece, leaving gaping holes where they formally were.  Otherwise, beyond the aforementioned wear and tear, the manor seems to be mostly untouched (minus some missing paint where the bungalows rubbed up).

HENRIK: ...Only poachers would be so ruthless.

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