Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Think of a City - Take a Dive

I love this image, which I recognize as a common refrain around here, but in this particular instance, it's for the amount of allusions to previous entries that Dalton Rose manages to cram into 019.  Just off the top of my head, I feel like I can see elements of at least three different entries here, all the while creating something entirely its own.

1 - The middle of a small brawl.  A private-eye whose face and hands are wrapped in bandages similar to the traditional Invisible Man (although the PI does not wear sunglasses and their eyes are visible) is just about to punch out a mook they've been fighting.  However, a shout from off-panel grabs the PI's attention, causing them to pause and look towards the sound's source.

CAPTION (PI): Clients don't hire me because I make the best choices.

ROBOT (off-panel): Enough!

2 - A gangster-looking robot stands at the edge of a balcony.  He holds a tired and beaten young man by the collar, leaning the hostage over the edge.  The young man is out cold.  The city looms in the background - if possible, showing how high up the scene is.  The PI looks towards them from the foreground, putting their arms out in a conciliatory manner.

CAPTION (PI): They hire me because I get the job done.

ROBOT: Leave immediately.  Or else.

PI: Let's hold on a minute--

ROBOT (interrupting): No.

3 - The robot lets go of the young man, who starts to tumble into the open air.  The PI puts a hand to their head, stunned at the audacity - maybe have a little exclamation mark over the PI's head to show just how surprised they are.

ROBOT: Let's not.

4 - The PI has run up to the edge of the balcony and leaps off awkwardly, diving without hesitation after the falling young man.

CAPTION (PI): Sometimes I do wish I'd smarten up though.

PI: I got ya!

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