Thursday, January 7, 2016

Think of a City - Good Talk

I will freely admit to being unfamiliar with Will Kirkby, but if 007 is anything to go by, he is one mad talented artist.  I mean, how do you possibly cram so much, so many details, into one single image?  There's far more than one story to be gleaned from the cacophony of colour and image we've got going on here, but we'll have to make do.

1 - Close on a sci fi pistol.  Its end (barrel?) seems to be charging up with energy, a light cyan crackling out from it.

LANA: You've got a lot of never showing your face around here.

CAPTION (ABIGAIL): I've had worse receptions at The Hole.

2 - Pull back to reveal three figures - Lana, Abigail, and Quentin - standing in a science fiction equivalent of a dive bar.  Lana holds the charging gun (now crackling a bright purple), pointing it at Abigail.  Abigail attempts to calm Lana down, while also attempt to prevent a rather angry Quentin from responding to Lana's threat.  Quentin should have some obvious bangs (maybe a devil lock if that's not too tacky?) or other distinguishing features around his face (for the next panel).


ABIGAIL: It's fine, Quentin.  Present circumstances notwithstanding, I'm sure we can talk this out like rational being.

3 - On Quentin's face, which is outlined in a deep, dark red light coming from off-panel.  Quentin looks on in horror and shock at what he's seeing.

LANA (off-panel): No.

CAPTION (ABIGAIL): Then again--

4 - Abigail now sits / lies on the ground, nursing a lasergun wound in her side.  There's some blood and stuff, but it's probably mostly cauterized.  Quentin kneels next to her, doing what he can to help.  Lana has already turned her back and is walking away, the gun at her side, dissipating red as it cools off.

LANA: We can't

CAPTION (ABIGAIL): ...I've had better.

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