Monday, October 17, 2016

InkTober - Work It

1 - A top down view of a fit dude doing some bench prench in a gym.  Frame so the panel looks straight on at him, cutting him off a little above the waist, with some open space at the top for the weights and equipment.  He looks straight up at the ceiling, grimacing madly (which is also right towards the reader).  He holds the barbell high in the air.

WOMAN (off-panel): Um, excuse me...

2 - A woman comes into the top of the frame, looking down at the weightlifter.  She's also in exercise gear, hands on her hips, although we can only see the back of her head.  The weightlifter brings the barbell close to his chest, still grimacing at the ceiling.

WOMAN: I see you here every day working so hard.

3 - The woman puts a hand to her face coquettishly (is that doable if we're looking from behind?).  The man keeps pumping iron, bringing the barbell down to his chest on another rep, grimace never wavering.

WOMAN: And, well, I gotta ask...

4 - Flash forward to that evening.  We're in the same set shot of the weightlifter, but he's in street clothes - t-shirt, jacket, that kind of thing.  He also has sky above him (maybe a streetlight or something to help emphasize this), meaning the panel is looking up instead of down.  He wears the same grimace, but he has one hand and arm down off-panel and the other cocked back, ready to unleash a wicked haymaker.  The hand that's doling out the violence drips a bit of blood (and there might be some splatter on his t-shirt).

CAPTION (WOMAN): "What are you doing later?"

5 - Back to the gym shot.  The woman has her hands on her hips again.  The weightlifter keeps pumping away.

WOMAN (1): ...

WOMAN (2): Hello?

6 - Repeat that gym shot one last time.  The woman is eight walking away or already gone.  The weightlifter just pumps away.

WOMAN: Whatever, dude.

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