Thursday, October 6, 2016

InkTober - Backfire

1 - Janse is walking along the sidewalk in a rough looking part of town.  It's early evening.  There doesn't look to be anyone else about.  Janse has his eyes forward.

CAPTION (JANSE): People always say I have a good heart.

DALTON (off-panel, weakly): ugggh...

2 - Looking over Janse's shoulder as he looks into the alley next to him.  Dalton lies in a pile of garbage on the ground, looking as if he's been beaten up.

CAPTION (JANSE): That I'm trusting type.

DALTON (weakly): help... me--

3 - Janse has come into the alley and crouches near Dalton.  Janse has one hand behind his back.  Dalton is lying in a position where he has one hand near his body.

CAPTION JANSE): The kind of guy who goes out of his way to help others.

4 - Tight on Dalton's hand pulling a knife.


5 - Tight on Janse's hand pulling a gun.


6 - Janse crouches with a gun drawn and pointed at Dalton.  Dalton puts his arms up and drops the knife, the facade of being hurt replaced by fear.

JANSE: Drop it.

7 - Janse slams the butt of his gun across Dalton's face.

SFX: whump!

JANSE: Bitch.

8 - Janse walks out of the alley, throwing Dalton's wallet over his shoulder and pocketing the money that was within.

CAPTION (JANSE): Joke's on them.

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