Saturday, October 22, 2016

InkTober - Sell Out

1 - On Rick, an old school punk rocker.  He's got a purple mohawk, dark shades, more piercings than you'd expect, rippled leather vest, plaid pants, suspenders, and a big ol' smile.  He walks with a swagger in a dank bar where a show's going on.

CAPTION (RICK): There's something special about a mosh pit.

2 - Rick's into the bar's mosh pit, going at it with all manner of similar attired folk.  It's wild but they're having a good time.

CAPTION (RICK): There's an energy you won't find anywhere else.

3 - A younger kid bails and is lying on the ground.  It looks like the pit's going on without noticing; he curls up a bit, instinctively trying to protect himself.

CAPTION (RICK): Everyone on the same wavelength.

4 - As the pit keeps moshing, Rick pauses and grabs the kid's forearm, pulling him back up to his feet.  The two exchange a smile - the kid of relief, Rick of something else.

CAPTION (RICK): When someone goes down, you help them up.

5 - Someone accidentally bumps into the kid from behind, knocking him into Rick.  Rick looks a little surprised; the kid looks absolutely shocked and pained.

CAPTION (RICK): But pits are still creatures of chaos.

6 - The kid is down again, doubled into himself.  This time around, the pit has stopped.  Nearby people are kneeling down to see if he's alright.  Rick is off and walking away from it all, his back to the reader.

CAPTION (RICK): Bad things can come from even the best of places.

7 - Close on Rick's upper-body.  He holds a bloody knife that he's wiping on his vest.

CAPTION (RICK): Not to mention the worst.

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