Monday, October 3, 2016

InkTober - Albatross

1 - Malcolm McCoy and his boss are security guards at a museum.  They're in the monitor room, watching the feeds of the various cameras.  Malcolm is up and putting on his jacket, a cigarette behind his ear.  His boss looks over, annoyed.  Malcolm tries to hide his frustration.

BOSS: Where you going?


BOSS: Be quick about it, McCoy.

CAPTION (MALCOLM): My boss is a dick.

2 - Malcolm stands outside one of the museum's rear doors, smoking.  It's nighttime in the middle of winter and Malcolm hugs his arms to try to eke out a bit more warmth.  Malcolm maintains the neutral expression.  The rear door remains open.

JENKINS (off-panel): Right on time.

CAPTION (MALCOLM): The hours suck.

3 - Jenkins and two thugs approach Malcolm.  The thugs walk past and head into the museum.  Jenkins pauses, slipping a wad of cash into Malcolm's front pocket with one hand and slapping him on the back with the other, a conspirational look on his face.  Malcolm remains neutral.

JENKINS: We good to go?

MALCOLM: Door's open, isn't it?

CAPTION (MALCOLM): Pay's worse.

4 - Jenkins walks past, drawing his gun that is tucked into the back of his pants' waistband.

JENKINS: That it is.

CAPTION (MALCOLM): This should be more than enough to take the cash and make myself scarce.

5 - Wide angle on Malcolm standing outside, hugging himself for warmth, the cigarette nearing its end.  He looks down to the ground, his face possibly obscured.


6 - Malcolm turns and walks into the door after the three, throwing the cigarette down.


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