Monday, October 10, 2016

InkTober - Do Over

1 - We're in a futuristic mega-city.  There's skyscrapers everywhere and they're all huge.  Also some flying cars, holographic advertisements, and all that good stuff.  However, this is all background to our protagonist, Halley, who is a fast-talking ne'er-do-well, is currently plummeting down to earth, quickly passing by this jungle of buildings and technology on her one-way journey.  She's not looking great, but in her hand is a cylindrical device with a green light on the bottom and a button on top.  She's currently pressing that button and is being surrounded by green lights / rays that are the same colour as the green on the device.


2 - This time Halley is in a flying car that is heading for a crash landing into the bay next to the city.   She's screaming in terror.  The rear of the car is on fire.  Once again, she's holding that cylindrical device and is surrounded by those green lights / rays.


3 - Halley is standing in a bar, all manner of lasers flying at her, fired by unseen foes.  She has her arms up in the air in a useless attempt to protect herself.  Cue the cylindrical device and green lights around her.


4 - A nondescript room.  A steel table sits in the foreground, some shelves in the back.  Green light / rays coalesce in the space in between the two.


5 - Repeat panel 4, but Halley has appeared, holding the same position as in panel 3, cylindrical device in hand.  She opens one eye experimentally to see where she is.


6 - Halley puts the cylindrical device on the table.  It projects a small holographic image of her holding the position from panel 3 and 5, as if the moment is frozen in time (the holographic is, of course, green).


7 - Reveal panel.  Halley is in a large warehouse filled with tables.  Said tables are covered in loads of these cylindrical devices, each one projecting a different green holographic image above.  Halley stands at the back, dwarfed by this large room.

HALLEY: What do I keep doing wrong?

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