Sunday, October 9, 2016

InkTober - Be True

1 - Night time.  Outside a drinking establishment of some variety.  Jackson smashes through the bar's window, flying out into the rainy street.

CAPTION (JACKSON): I've often heard say that people are their own worst enemy.

SFX: krssh!

2 - Jackson lies on the ground in considerable pain, eyes shut.  He has various cuts from the glass and bruises from the in-progress fight that sent him through it.  Maybe have some type of light on him (under a street light perhaps?)

JACKSON (weakly): ohh...

3 - Similar as panel 2, but a shadow falls over Jackson from someone standing at his feet and looming over him (but said person is not visible).

JACKSON (weakly): mercy...

4 - A hand from the looming figure reaches down and grabs Jackson by the hair / head and starts pulling him up.  The rest of the figure remains obscured.


5 - Reveal that the other figure is a man who looks identical to Jackson.  He might even be wearing the same clothing or something very similar (although it's in better condition than our initial Jackson, of course).  Other Jackson lifts initial Jackson over his head, ready to slam him into the ground.  Initial Jackson looks pretty out of it.

OTHER JACKSON: Speak for yourself.

CAPTION (JACKSON): But this seems a little much.

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