Saturday, October 15, 2016

InkTober - Accidents

1 - On an ambulance's rear view mirror.  Marv, the ambulance driver, looks into the mirror in concern.  His hand is holding the mirror as he adjusts it, obscuring part of it.  The mirror should take up the bulk of the panel, if not acting as the panel, going the width of the page.

MARV: How we doing back there?

2 - The ambulance interior.  Robert, another paramedic, is working above Lance, who is laid out in the gurney, covered in blood. Lance holds an arm to his chest, as if in pain.  Robert's hands and arms are covered in blood as he works to figure out what's happened.

ROBERT (1): Be a lot better when we get to the hospital.

ROBERT (2): Guy's lost a lot of blood.

LANCE (weakly): Don't worry...

3 - Lance moves his hand from his chest, having drawn a gun from inside his coat.  He aims it at Robert.  Robert freezes, surprised and terrified.  Marv looks back, equally surprised. 

LANCE: Most of it ain't mine.

MARV: What the--!

4 - The ambulance lurches widely to the side as it swerves towards the sidewalk.  It's night time and the back window is bright against the darkness outside.

SFX: pap! pap! pap!

5 - The ambulance crashes into a telephone pull with a lurch.  The light from the window is out.


6 - Lance has exited the crashed ambulance and is limping away into the night.  Part of Robert's body may be visible through the ambukance's open backdoor, but it isn't strictly necessary.


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