Tuesday, October 11, 2016

InkTober - Good Boy

1 - Inset panel on two friends, Tracy and Josh.  They're in a dark room, looking at something off-panel that's giving them confused expressions, with fear possibly creeping in.

TRACY: Josh...

2 - Reverse angle for an over the shoulder shot.  Tracy and Josh are looking at a dark hallway, with red eyes glowing from the darkness malevolently.  Worth noting, while all the eyes belong to the same creature, there's 8 or so, like a giant, terrifying spider.

TRACY: What is that?

SFX: grrrrr...

3 - Outside, focused on a nondescript brick building.  Tracy and Josh are already out the front door, running as fast as they can off to the right.  Fear is fully plastered on their faces.


4 - Repeat panel, but Tracy and Josh are out of sight.  Nothing moves.


5 - Repeat panel, but the creature from panel 2 bursts through the wall of the brick building next to the door.  The thing is a massive dog that is taller than the doorway and decked out in all manner of cyborg parts and armour, including a "mask" on its face that glows with 8 red eyes.


6 - The giant cyber-dog chases after Tracy and Josh, going all out as it lets out an equally huge bark.


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