Saturday, October 15, 2016

InkTober - Mistakes

1 - Marco is robbing a bank, standing with a duffle of cash in one hand and a raised gun in another. He wears an aggressive expression and barks at someone off-panel.

CAPTION: Everyone makes mistakes.

2 - Marco is being arrested. A cop escorts him towards a cruiser. Marco is grim, a new wound bleeding from his forehead.

CAPTION: If we're lucky, we learn from them.

3 - Marco sits in a courtroom. He is mad.

CAPTION: We grow.

4 - Marco sits on a bed in a jail cell. He is expressionless.

CAPTION: It can take time.

5 - Marco sits in a prison counselling circle. He fights back tears as he speaks.

CAPTION: But we can see the errors of our ways.

6 - Marco stands with his civilian clothes in a pile. He's being released. He looks hopeful.

CAPTION: Become better people for it all.

7 - Marco is robbing another bank. While he's older and maybe wears slightly shabbier clothing, it's pretty much the same scene as panel 1.


8 - Marco is back in jail, sitting on a prison bed. He is once again expressionless.

CAPTION: If we're lucky.

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