Tuesday, October 25, 2016

InkTober - City Lights

1 - Establishing shot of a city at night.  The skyscrapers and lights sparkle in the darkness, a literal beacon in the wilderness around it (probably a desert-scape beyond the city limits).  Frame the view so a road passes by and off-panel at the bottom left or right of the panel - our perspective is long outside the city limits.

CAPTION: Is there anything more amazing than a city at night?

2 - Repeat panel, but a car is driving down the road.  It's still in the distance, but it's obviously moving away from the city and towards the reader.

CAPTION: There's an almost supernatural beauty that is without equal.

3 - Repeat panel.  The car is nearly at panel's edge.  It's pulling off the road, kicking up some dust.

CAPTION: I've always loved it.

4 - Repeat panel.  The car's backdoor opens and a mook throws a battered and bruised gentleman out of the car.

MOOK: And stay out!

5 - Repeat panel.  The car is driving back towards the city.  The gentleman raises himself up on his elbows, looking morosely towards the city.

CAPTION: I just wish it loved me back.

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