Thursday, October 20, 2016

InkTober - Black

1 - Inside a Starbucks-esque coffee shop.  We're looking onto the cash from the side.  Two relatively well-dressed gentlemen, Jacob and Daryl, are getting their coffee - three cups in one of those holding trays.  The barista isn't visible (beyond their hands / arms offering the coffee) - maybe a coffee machine blocks them from view?  The focus is the two gentlemen, but maybe have them off-centre in the framing.  It probably wouldn't be obvious that it's night time, but maybe the shop's neon lights are particularly bright / harsh.

BARISTA: Here are your drinks.

JACOB: Thanks.

2 - Jacob and Daryl are walking out of the shop.  Jacob is holding the door fro Daryl; Daryl is holding the tray of coffee.  Jacob looks in concern at something off-panel; Daryl is focused on the coffee.

DARYL (1): God. That took forever.  I'll never understand people who go for that fancyass coffee stuff.  Black is all you need, you know?

DARYL (2): She better appreciate this peace offering.

JACOB: Daryl...

3 - Jacob and Daryl are standing next to the back seat of their car, looking down in disbelief.  What they're looking at is not yet visible.

JACOB: Remember when I said we should have used zip ties?

4 - Reverse angle to show what Jacob and Daryl are looking at.  The car's backseat window is broken (smashed outwards) and loose rope is splayed on the backseat.  Jacob and Daryl could frame the window, standing to either side, backs to the reader (or already looking for where the woman went?).

JACOB: We should have used zip ties.

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