Thursday, October 20, 2016

InkTober - Overwhelming

1 - We're in a flooded town.  Night time.  The water might not be right up to house's second stories, but it's not that far off either.  In what would be the street, two men, Quentin and Nick float along in a boat that's filled with ill-gotten gains - laptops, maybe some TVs, some bags filled with jewelry or whatever.  Quentin rows, while Nick holds a flashlight to try to help direct their vessel.

QUENTIN: I still feel kinda bad about this.

NICK: Why?  There ain't no one around, Quent.

2 - Nick spreads his arms wide to indicate the neighbourhood ahead of them - maybe channel some Titanic in here.  That said, Nick makes a surprised face as someone yells from off-panel.  Quentin also looks over in surprise.

NICK: It's like a victim-less crime!  Everyone who's anyone got out way before things got ba--

VOICE (off-panel): Hey!

3 - A man stands on the rooftop of one of the neighbourhood's houses.  He looks scruffy and somewhat unkempt (as if he's been stranded there for a few days).  Nick, Quentin, and their boat are visible.  Quentin looks on, while Nick tries to get them focused back on looting.

MAN: Hey!  You two!  You gotta help me out!

NICK: Ignore it, man.

4 - Close on Quentin, who looks conflicted between not wanting to disappoint Nick and wanting to help out this man.

NICK (off-panel): Just ignore it.

MAN (off-panel): Help!  Please!

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