Friday, October 21, 2016

InkTober - Struggle

1 - Close on Kate's face.  Her eyes are wide with fear.  Her hand covers her mouth, as if in shock and horror.  The background details are not visible here.


2 - Pull out to show Kate is standing on an apartment building balcony.  She keeps the one hand covering her mouth in horror; the other holds onto the balcony railing, as if bracing herself.  It's not clear how high up she is, but she is alone.  The sliding door is open behind her.


3 - Kate holds the same position, but her expression shifts - she looks determined here, like she's come to a decision.


4 - Kate holds the look of determination, but lets go of the balcony railing and taps her lip pensively with the hand that was previously covering her mouth.

KATE: He fell.

5 - Kate has gone inside, leaving the balcony empty.  She is not visible.

KATE (from within): Hello, 911?

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