Thursday, October 27, 2016

InkTober - Be It Resolved

1 - Establishing shot of a cottage in the woods on New Year's Eve.  It's snowing.  There are a half-dozen cars parked out front, all but one covered in the falling snow.  Dave walks towards the front door, although he's coming from the direction opposite of the parked cars (as if he's just walked from around the cottage's corner).

CAPTION (DAVE): You know those moments when you think "This is a future me problem"?

2 - Inside the cottage.  Dave stamps his feet as he takes off his jacket, wiping off the snow that's gathered on him as he comes in the front door.  His girlfriend Kate greets him with a kiss on the cheek, perhaps with a look of surprise at how cold his cheek is.  You don't need to see it on this panel, but they're at a gathering of friends, ready to celebrate the New Year.

CAPTION (DAVE): They always feel like such a good idea, but one way or another, it always blows up in your face.

DAVE: It's really coming down out there!

KATE: Gosh, you're so cold!

3 - Dave, Kate, and a good number of their 20-something year old friends are gathered around a TV, drinking, celebrating, and sharing kisses (as the case may be) to ring in the New Year.  Frame so they are facing the reader (and TV), with the cottage wall behind them.  There should be a window looking out into the night.

CAPTION (DAVE): Well, no more.

ALL: 3...2...1!

4 - Move closer to the window.  Some evidence of the revelry may still be evident, but the focus is the window itself.

CAPTION (DAVE): From now on, I'm going to deal with my problems as soon as they come up. I won't leave things to rot and fester anymore.

ALL (off-panel): Happy New Year!

5 - Move through the window to look outside.  A dead body lays in the snow behind the cottage, already being covered by the falling flakes.


6 - The body is now covered and all that can be seen is the freshly fallen down.

CAPTION (DAVE): This year's going to be different.

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