Sunday, October 2, 2016

InkTober - Bet the Farm

1 - Hank and Larry stand in a doorway of a barn, looking inside (and towards the reader).  Larry points proudly towards the barn's interior.  Hank looks confused.

LARRY (1): There he is.

LARRY (2): Pay dirt.

2 - Hank lowers his head and pinches the bridge of his nose in disbelief / frustration.  Larry looks at Hank, confused.

HANK: Are you serious?

LARRY: What?

3 - Hank grabs Larry by the shirt and shakes him a bit.  Larry tries to shake Hank off, while again pointing towards the reader.  He reacts as if what Hank is saying could not be more obvious.

HANK: You said we were going to be kidnappers!

LARRY: Yeah?

4 - Switch focus.  On a baby goat hiding behind his mother in the barn, illuminated by the flashlight beams.  Both look kind of scared.

HANK (off-panel, tailless): You'll forgive me, Larry, if I was expecting something else.

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