Thursday, October 13, 2016

InkTober - Cold Shoulder

1 - Rodrigue is standing out in the winter cold.  He has a jacket that's maybe a little too light for the weather and a scarf to cover his lower face, but he's clearly miserable.  Hugging himself for warmth is not cutting it.  Behind him, some grand steps lead up to a fancy looking building - big glass windows and the like - but the interior is not visible.


2 - Rodrigue sees something off-panel that catches his eye.  He raises his hands in indignation, not any happier.

RODRIGUE: Jesus! Did you have to take so long?

3 - Chuck walks into the scene.  He's wearing a big puffy jacket, snow pants, a balaclava, and pretty much anything else you'd imagine to be warm in Antartica.  He is grossly overdressed.  He's also defensive at Rodrigue, who's only gotten more aggressive.

CHUCK: What? It's not even 1 o'clock?

RODRIGUE (1): We agreed on noon!

RODRIGUE (2): I've been standing out here like an asshole freezing my dick off!


4 - Chuck puts one hand up in surrender, reaching into his coat with the other.  He is contrite.  Rodrigue is not wholly placated, but he seems willing to let it slide for the moment.  While he keeps one hand around himself in a futile effort to keep warm, he uses the other hand to reach for something under his jacket along his spine.

CHUCK: Alright, my bad. But could we please yell about this after?


5 - Pull out to reveal that Rodrigue has been waiting outside "First National Bank".  The two men have drawn guns and are walking towards the entrance.

RODRIGUE: Let's do this.

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