Tuesday, October 18, 2016

InkTober - Easy Peasy

1 - Close on bolt cutters ripping through a locked chain holding a chain link fence shut.  It's night time.

MICKIE (off-panel): Security's about as tight as you'd expect for paper.

2 - On Carson and Mickie as they walk towards the warehouse in the lot they've just broken into.  Carson gestures to the building in front of them.  The now open chain link fence could be in the background, if desired.

CARSON (1): Well, as far as the cops are concerned, this place is a big waste of space now that they've got everything up in the cloud.

CARSON (2): But once that cowboy were hired hacks their system into oblivion, the files in here will be the only ones they have.

3 - Carson and Mickie stop at the door to the warehouse.  Carson elbows the window (either in the door or next to it) open, breaking it.

CARSON: So all we gotta do is snag ours, and as far as the cops know, it'll be like we never existed.

SFX: krssh!

4 - From inside the warehouse, Carson reaches through the broken glass and opens the door from the inside.

CARSON: Believe you me, this is gonna to be a walk in the park.

5 - Carson and Mickie are now inside the warehouse.  Pull back to show that there are stacks and stacks of shelves, boxes, filling cabinets, and the like.  It's like that warehouse from Indiana Jones theres so much stuff.  Carson and Mickie are small in comparison to the wealth of things in there.

CARSON (quietly): A very large, very overwhelming park...

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