Friday, October 7, 2016

InkTober - Car Troubles

1 - Russ and Lexi sit in the front of a car, driving.  Lexi is at at the wheel; Russ in the passenger seat.  Both look kind of annoyed and / or perturbed at the sounds coming from their car.

SFX: whump! whump! whump!

2 - Repeat panel 1.  Russ turns to Lexi.

RUSS: Would you please do something about that?

3 - On the car's brake light, lit bright red to indicate the car is stopping.

LEXI (off-panel): Fine.

4 - The car is stopped.  Lexi stands at the back of the vehicle.  The trunk is open and Oscar, the man Lexi and Russ have bound and confined to the trunk is visible.  However, things are not going well for him, as Lexi slams a tire iron into his face.

SFX: smak!

5 - On the car peeling out from its temporary stop on the road's shoulder, the trunk once again closed.


6 - A panel similar to panels 1 and 2.  Lexi looks smug and satisfied.  Russ looks pleased.

LEXI: Better?

RUSS: Much.

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