Tuesday, October 4, 2016

InkTober - Deadlines

1 - Kim, the owner of a convenience store, stands behind the cash register counter, horrified.  He nervously runs a hand through his hair, processing what he's just realized.  Jeff, a friend of Kim's stands on the other side of the counter, looking concerned but also a little annoyed, like this might not be the first time they've had this type of conversation.

KIM: Oh, Jesus.  I forgot to get the money together for Terence's pickup!

JEFF: So?  You've been paying on time for years!  Is it really that big of a deal if you're late once?

2 - Kim shrinks into himself a little, visibly disturbed at the suggestion of paying late.  Jeff is more glib; he's moved around behind the counter and slaps a friendly hand on Kim's shoulder.

KIM (quietly): I don't think Terence would appreciate that...

JEFF (1): Oh, come on!  He's big and scary, but he's not a monster!

JEFF (2): I'm sure he'll understand!

3 - Close on Jeff and Kim.  Jeff gives Kim a mockingly conspiratorial nudge, leaning in close as if to whisper a secret.

JEFF: Pobody's nerfect, right?

SFX: ding!

4 - Terence has now joined Kim and Jeff at the cash register counter.  Terence is big - tall, wide, and muscular, it's not a surprise why Kim is scared of the guy.  Jeff has come from behind the counter and acts as if he and Terence are old friends, putting a hand on his shoulder and the like as he talks.  Terence wears a neutral expression (although his neutral face may look kinda angry).

JEFF (1): Terry!

JEFF (2): So good to see you!

TERENCE (1): Money.

TERENCE (2): Where is it.

5 - Jeff is taken aback at how grossly his charm offensive is failing.  On the figurative (and perhaps literal) backfoot, Jeff suddenly looks a lot more nervous, running a hand through his hair as Kim did back in panel 2.  Terence's expression does not change.

JEFF: Well, it's a funny story real--

6 - Smash cut to Terence on top of the convenience store's roof, holding a very panicked Jeff over the edge with one arm (dude's strong enough where that isn't a big deal).  Jeff tries to get some purchase on Terence's arm to keep himself up, while looking down worriedly towards the street below.  Kim is in the background, trying to wrestle Terence back, to little avail.

TERENCE: Where's Pobody?

JEFF: I think you misunderstood...

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