Wednesday, October 12, 2016

InkTober - Over Easy

We're in a truckstop-esque diner after some gun violence has gone down.

1 - Establishing shot of said truckstop diner.  The sign reads "Earls".  The interior isn't really visible from this angle, but at least one of the windows is shattered.  One or two others might have bullet holes.


2 - On the stove in the kitchen.  Two or three pans are on the stove, the food burning (or well past burned).  There's some bullet holes about, and possibly a blood smear on the front of the stove, but the cook it belonged to is not visible.


3 - Shot of the counter with the cash register.  A waitress' legs are visible splayed beyond the counter's edge, although no more can be seen.  Bullet holes pock the wall and counter.


4 - A number of tables and chairs are overturned as dinners tried to get out.  They were seemingly unsuccessful, but again, the majority of their bodies are obstructed by the tables and chairs.  Bullet holes and some blood are once again visible.


5 - Mason sits at a booth, calmly eating his breakfast.  Dubois sits across from him, mouth agape in his surprise.  A submachine gun lies on the table between them.

DUBOIS: Remind me to never overcook your eggs.

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