Saturday, October 8, 2016

InkTober - Place Your Bets

Hank has gone through hell the last few hours.  He's finally made it to his intended destination: the casino.

1 - On Hank's feet as he walks through the casino.  He's missing a shoe and the revealed sock has a hole in the toe.  His other shoe is a quality wingtip, although it looks a little worse for wear.  His dress pants are dirtied - it's unclear if it's blood or mud.  There shouldn't be any other feet visible in this panel, although maybe some base of slot machines and chairs next to them, if desired.


2 - On Hank's face.  One eye is swollen shut.  He's covered in cuts and bruises, including an open cut from his lip.  In spite of all this, he wears a look of determination.


3 - Full-body shot of Hank from behind.  He's not wearing a jacket and his dress shirt has a sleeve that is mostly gone or clear ripped off (but still hanging at the base of his arm, if the latter).  His shirt is scuffed and pocked with blood, whether it's Hank's or someone else's is unclear.  He carries a duffel bag at his side, the strap over his shoulder (the one that is still sleeved).  The bag's contents should not be visible.  If there are other people on panel, they look in shock at this wreck of a man.


4 - Hank comes up to a roulette table and drops the duffel bag on top with a "whump!", that same determination from panel 2 on his face.  The people around the table all look shocked.  In spite of all the wear he's taken, his tie seems to be well in place and still tight to his neck.

SFX: whump!

5 - Top down shot, focusing on the duffel bag on one side, sitting on top of the roulette betting area, and the roulette wheel, spinning, on the other.  The bag's flap has slipped off, revealing the bag is filled with all manner of money, jewels, and other items of value.

HANK: All on red.

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