Saturday, February 27, 2016

Think of a City - They Might Be Giants

I find Grim Wilkins' 052 immensely fascinating.  It manages to both be a major departure from earlier entries while holding true to certain throughline aspects of those prior works.  But most of all, the foreground and background elements of the piece have me transfixed.  How did that woman catch a fish with her mouth?  What are those enormous figures carved into the walls?  These are only a few of the many things I'm dying to know more about.

1 - A woman stands at the top of an ocean-side cliff-face.  The focus of the panel is on said cliff-face, as there are a number of giant, stone figures visible on the side of the precipice.  The figures are seemingly sculpted into / trapped within the cliff, with only portions of their faces, hands, and upper-bodies visible, the rest either within the cliff itself or covered by natural growth of roots and the like.  The figures are also so large that only their upper-bodies are visible above the water, with the rest of them presumably below / not sculpted.  The figures hold various poses, but generally appear to be angry and fierce.

CAPTION (WOMAN): They say giants used to walk the world.

2 - The woman is rappelling down the side of the cliff / figures.  She is dwarfed by the enormous, angry face of one of the figures next to her.

CAPTION (WOMAN): The gods, jealous and worried about these beings of great power, shackled them within the very landscapes they towered above as punishment for their hubris.

3 - On the woman as she nears where the cliffs meet the ocean.  The water rages against the cliff-face, smashing into it with wave after wave.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I don't know if the tales are true, but I intend to find out.

4 - The rope hangs down to a cavern that leads into the side of the cliffs.  The woman is not visible, presumably within the cavern.  The waves continue to crash into the cliffs.

CAPTION (WOMAN): After all, I imagine a freed giant would be rather grateful towards their liberator.

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