Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Think of a City - Have/Not

Being sick rather sick the past few days has given me a lot of time to consider Andy Suriano and Tyler Shainline's 044, and I really can't decide if the piece depicts celebration or damnation. I love that duality, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's been picking at me.

I imagine the first four panels as a small row at the top of the page, just to very quickly set the stage, leaving the rest of the page to focus on what's after the scene change. 

1 - Two nondescript men stand facing each other, a big red button on the wall between them (perhaps just above shoulder level).

MAN 1: It's that time again.

MAN 2: Already?

2 - Repeat panel, with Man 2 giving a shrug.

MAN 1: That's what the big guy says.

MAN 2: Alright.

3 - Repeat panel, with Man 2 now pushing the button.


4 - Repeat panel 1.

MAN 2: Those freeloaders.

5 - Two wretched-looking desert wanders lie languidly on the sand, both exhausted. One has a single eye open, which sees a single raindrop fall on their friend's head.


6 - The more alert desert-dweller opens both eyes wide, astonished at what they're seeing - the rain is picking up in intensity. The second desert-dweller is rousing from their haze, realizing what's happening.

ALERT DWELLER (quietly): Finally.

7 - The alert dweller is up on their feet and running off panel. The second dweller is pulling out a bowl and raising it to the sky. The rain continues to intensify.


8 - Pull back to show a little community of desert-dwellers, all looking about as miserable and wretched as the first two. However, the storm is a welcome sight to all, as they draw bowls, open  their mouths, and do various other things to take in the water. They're overjoyed. The alert dweller continues to run about to announce the news.


CAPTION (MAN 2): They never appreciate our hard work.

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