Saturday, February 20, 2016

Think of a City - Fighting Words

It likely won't shock you to hear that I love Sebastian Stamm's 046, but I love it nonetheless.  The amount of personality that he fits into this colourful mech creature is all kinds of endearing and I'm dying to know the story of the motley crew who appear to be running the thing.  There's all manner of stories oozing off the page here, and every one looks to be a winner.

1 - A horribly broken mech - missing arm, partially destroyed legs, and burn and blast marks covering pretty everything that might still be somewhat intact / attached - stands outside a hangar entrance.  Mechanics, technicians, and the like are running about near its feet, bringing machines, diagnositics, and that type of thing.  The mech seems to be leaning awkwardly too far forward
LETTERING NOTE: Have a few small balloons coming from the people below to show lots of conversations going on.

WORDS 1: What happened?

WORDS 2: Need to get her out of there!

WORDS 3: Get help!

2 - The mech falls forward, crashing into the ground.  The personnel below do their best to get out of the way / avoid being crushed.


3 - On some workers at the driver section of the downed mech, helping the pilot out.

TECH: Alison!

4 - Two technicians have the driver, Alison, out of the machine, helping her stand.  She looks dazed.

TECH: What happened out there?

ALISON (woozy): I'd say you should see the other guys...

5 - On half a dozen badass jet-black mechs racing along an open plain, kicking up a cloud of dirt behind them.  They look like they mean business (and maybe have a skull motif going throughout them or some such).

CAPTION (ALISON): But they'll be here soon enough.

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