Sunday, February 28, 2016

Think of a City - Nemeses

I wasn't entirely certain what to make of Konstantin Novosadov's 053 at first glance, but the longer I consider it, the more I appreciate what he's done.  There's some excellent resurgence of elements from previous Think of a City pieces, but more than that, there's some brilliant narrative suggestions with the thematic nautical elements surrounding our mysterious starring figure that I can't stop thinking about.  Superb stuff.

1 - On the eyes of an older man.  His gaze is intense.  His face is weathered.

CAPTION (MAN): I won't apologize.

2 - On the man.  He stands on a beach, looking out to the ocean (his back to the reader).  He is shabbily dressed, with old clothing that's about as worn as he is.  The waves flow towards him.  It's midday.

CAPTION (MAN): Neither will she.

3 - On the man's lower body.  He continues to face away from the reader and towards the water (which continues to move in his direction but has a ways to go to reach where he stands).

CAPTION (MAN): We're both too stubborn.

4 - On the man's boots.  The day has moved into early evening / night.  The water's waves continue to flow onto the beach, now reaching and passing where he stands.

CAPTION (MAN): So I'll just stand here.

5 - On the water, focusing on the columns of waves coming in.

CAPTION (MAN): And she'll just wave.

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