Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Think of a City - Northern Lights

One of my favourite fringe benefits of going through the many Think of a City entries has been discovering so many amazing and talented artists.  That said, I do also get a thrill out of encountering artists whose work I'm already familiar with, such as Matthew Southworth, who I've been fondly following since discovering him on Stumptown with Greg Rucka.  I don't know that I could see Dex fitting into 040, but I'm not overly concerned with that fact.

1 - On the night sky, a brilliant light streaking across it.  It glows a bright yellow-orange in the darkness.  Perhaps have some buildings peaking out at the bottom of the panel.

CAPTION: My little girl was delighted at the "bright fairy trails".

2 - On a father and daughter.  The daughter hugs the father's leg with one arm, pointing excitedly at the sky.  The father looks down at his daughter, a melancholic smile on his face.

CAPTION: You might think me negligent for not correcting her.

3 - From behind the father and daughter, drawn back to give a better view of the setting.  The two characters are in similar positions.  In the foreground, towards the side of the panel is a newspaper box (do those still exist?), the headline clearly reading "METEOR COLLISION IMMINENT!", possibly with a little picture of a meteor below.
LETTERING NOTE: The first caption should be towards the top of the panel, while the second towards the bottom, underneath the newspaper headline.

CAPTION (1): But I couldn't see the benefit in bursting her bubble.

CAPTION (2): All things considered.

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