Monday, February 8, 2016

Think of a City - Take Five

Clayton Cowles and Chrissy Williams combine their mighty efforts to provide us the eminently wonderful 039.  I mean, what's not to love about bright yellow dinosaurs giving the old what-for to deep blue police officers?  Especially with that adorably dino-sized nightstick?  Not to mention the feathers...

There's simply too much fun contained in this to manage.  I can't even.

1 - Rodney, a Magnum PI-esque police officer (think Hawaiian shirt and police badge hanging from neck with probably a solid mustache and unnecessary mullet) stands on a dock, looking satisfied (maybe with his hands on his hips as he surveys the scene).  What looks like the foot / leg of a T-Rex is next to him on panel.  In the foreground, some Hot Cops-esque criminals are being carted away by other police officers.  In the background, the ocean / bay (depending on how you're feeling) shines splendidly.

RODNEY: Another job well done, DinoCop.

2 - On Rodney as he sets himself for a high-five, raising his hand and arm high.  Maybe do the background like he's powering up a move in a video game or manga - i.e. lightning crackles from him or light radiates from his person.  That kind of thing.
LETTERING NOTE: To continue on that theme, his word balloon should be big, maybe jaggy to emphasize he's yelling.

RODNEY: Up top!

3 - On both Rodney and DinoCop, far enough away to easily see both of them and for them to even look a little small in the distance.  Rodney holds the high-five pose.  DinoCop waves his arms pathetically, as they are far too short to bridge the gap between them.  Also worth noting: DinoCop is also Magnum PI-esque, with Hawaiian shirt, police badge, and ridiculous dinosaur mullet and mustache.


4 - DinoCop gives up and turns away from Rodney to look out over the water.  Rodney could either be crossing his arms smugly or running his former high-five hand through his majestic hair.

DINOCOP: You know what I hate most about that "joke"?

RODNEY: That it never gets old?

5 - Silhouette of the two figures standing on the dock.  The sun sets behind them.

DINOCOP (1): No.

DINOCOP (2): It's definitely not that.

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