Friday, February 12, 2016

Think of a City - Mirror, Mirror

I love comics a heck of a lot, but I recognize that there are huge gaps in my knowledge.  When I initially glanced at 043, my first thought was Moebuis.  I know that might be a little much, but there we are.  Of course, knowing that that's also literally not possible, I must say that I wasn't overly surprised when I saw it was actually done by Simon Roy.  There are few artists I'm aware of right now who throw down crazier ideas onto the page - and I mean that with admiration.

Also, I will never stop being pleased that dinosaurs are officially a Think of a City motif.  That was an excellent unconscious (?) decision.

We've two settings that we'll jump back and forth between in these panels.  Odd numbered panels are an orc kingdom led by Hadriana, a strong female warrior that's mega-jacked and kitted out like a mix between Xena and Wonder Woman.  Even numbered panels are an elven kingdom led by Filoselth, a brave, if willowy warrior who wears more traditional knightly armour.  A big part of the distinction will hopefully be demonstrated by the direction the buildings are facing - orcs looking right and elves looking left.

1 - Establishing shot of the orc castle, with a broken tower - the top level has clearly been destroyed anf fallen down.  Smoke rises from the wreckage.  It is Fall.

HADRIANA (from within): This is a tragedy.

2 - Establishing shot of the elven castle.  The castle wall is destroyed, a huge hole gaping.  A brisk wind blows, moving leaves about.

FILOSELTH (from within): But it is not the end.

3 - On Hadriana.  The tower is collapsed in the background.  She wears many cuts and bruises, many still bleeding openly.  She wears a look of defiance.  Snow covers the ground, newly disturbed by the recent battles.

HADRIANA: Only the most recent blow.

4 - On Filoselth.  He wears an eyepatch and looks worse for wear.  A huge hole is now visible in the castle itself, revealing some of the interiors.  The snow is not fresh, but it still carpets much of the world - including within the castle itself.

FILOSELTH: We will not stand idly by and simply mourn our losses.

5 - Hadriana runs through a battleground in her castle courtyard.  Fire rages all around her.  She strikes at an elven warrior, taking him down.  She's missing an arm.  The snow is melting, leaving the puddles of Spring.


6 - Filoselth holds a bow, aiming at the sky.  Orcs riding dragons drop bombs from the sky, explosions going off all about.

FILOSLETH: We will strike back at our aggressors!

7 - The final panel is two panels split, Hadriana on one side and Filoselth on the other.  They look in each other's direction (divided by the gutter, of course), fury and rage in their eyes.
LETTERING NOTE: Hadriana and Filoselth should share the word balloon, which should straddle the gutter.

HADRIANA & FILOSELTH: We will give meaning to our sacrifice!

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