Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Think of a City - Save Yourself!

034 is yet another stunning piece, this time courtesy of Rebekah Isaacs and Kelly Thompson.  I love the bright red on the cloaked figure - it draws the eye immediately and gives the initial impression that they are the protagonist.  But as you explore the rest of the image, it looks more and more likely they're the opposite of that.  It's been fascinating to see how the past few pieces have captured feelings of the sinister in such markedly different ways.

1 - Sir Roderick the Brave, a gallant knight resplendent in bright white knightly garb (armour and the like, although his visor should be up so his traditionally heroic face is visible), stands in a town square, his sword raised in the air triumphantly.  The background could be out of focus or taken over by cartoonishly shiny light coming off this paragon of goodness.

 RODERICK: Fear not!  I, sir Roderick the Brave, will save you!

2 - Similar panel as above, but the background is much more visible.  The square in question is a real hole, with filth and muck pretty much everywhere.  Two layabouts, Dirk and Tad, lounge about nearby, Dirk pilloried and Tad standing nearby.  Both are heckling Roderick, which puts him right off.

DIRK: Save us, eh?

TAD: Are you planning on using that sword to cut down the disparity between rich and poor?


3 - Roderick moves closer to Dirk and Tad, looking questioningly at his sword.  Dirk and Tad continue to hurl insults at him.

DIRK: Or slay the suspension of habeas corpus?


TAD: Maybe he'll strike a blow against our complete lack of civil liberties!

4 - Roderick stomps away, mad and hurt at their mean-spirited words.  Maybe have a little cartoonish raincloud hang over his head.  Dirk and Tad laugh.

RODERICK (quietly): I just wanted to help...

DIRK AND TAD: Hahahaha!

5 - Tad is still holding his side.  Dirk has a pensive look on his face.

TAD: *phew!*

DIRK: You know...

6 - Shot of the village itself.  It's partly on fire as a dragon swoops about in the sky above, blowing flames down.  If there's space, you could have Roderick riding away crossly (but it's not necessary).

CAPTION (DIRK): Maybe we should have asked him to look into that dragon problem...

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