Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Think of a City - Float On

David Hine's 033 is so filled and full of action that it's almost criminal that I'd focus on one single aspect, but here we are.  For everything that's going on (including the amazing inclusion of yesterday's piece in the perspective character's cellphone screen - such a simple, yet novel way to hearken back to earlier portions of the project), I can't stop looking at the figure hanging from the partial gallows on the side of the building towards the top of the image.  You could be forgiven if you missed it at first glance.  It's so subtle, almost hidden in the sea of normalcy everywhere else.  This strange, awful element of violence starring out at the world.  Corrupting it?  Maybe that's going too far...

1 - Looking from underneath some birds floating in the air, a big, blue sky visible around them.

GARNET (tailless): What are you doing?

2 - On two vagrants - Jim and Garnet - in a cramped alley filled with trash and refuse.  Jim sits on the ground, leaning against a dumpster, looking up at the sky.  Garnet stands nearby, rolling his eyes at Jim's useless pursuit.

JIM: Lookin' at the sky.

3 - Jim keeps looking at the sky, curiosity on his face.  Garnet has moved on to digging through the dumpster.  If possible, I would like this panel to be framed from above, perhaps a few stories up looking down at the two figures, in an attempt to emphasize how tight and cramped the alley is.

JIM: You ever wonder what it would be like?

4 - Still looking down at the city, we're far enough up to see a number of different alleys and streets snaking throughout, maybe speckled with cars and people and buildings and stuff.  Again, we're trying to emphasize how full things are.

JIM: To have so much space?

5 - We're high enough now that it's Google Satellite-esque.  Some of the birds from panel 1 could be visible again, but now from above and framed by the city below.

JIM (tailless): I bet it would be nice.

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