Saturday, February 6, 2016

Think of a City - Fool Me Once

Oscar Grillo's 036 is perhaps the most different from any previous piece, creating one whole image out of multiple smaller ones whereas most others were focused on one single idea.  It's also the only one that inspired a complete idea in my mind at first glance - the actual details took a bit to sort out, but the concept existed from go.

1 - Outside in a suburban neighbourhood.  A mother pushes a stroller with her baby past a house where an old man - Mr. Peterson - stands at his window, looking out and scowling, partially obsucred by his Venetian blinds.

CAPTION: Everyone has a different face.

2 - Repeat panel 1, but Mr. Peterson has closed the blinds.  The reactions of the mother and baby are not visible.

CAPTION: Between what they show the world.

SFX: shnt!

3 - Inside Mr. Peterson's living room.  The room is dark.  It's set up pretty much just as you'd imagine an old man's living room to be - it's the darkness that is important.  A pool of light spills into the living room from the hallway opening.

CAPTION: And what they keep to themselves.

SFX: shnt!

4 - In Mr. Peterson's hall.  This area is also mostly dark, except for the door at the end of the hallway.  The door is partially ajar - not enough to see what's on the other side, but enough for the light within to spill outwards (as evidenced from the previous panel).

CAPTION: In Mr. Peterson's case.

5 - Inside Mr. Peterson's washroom.  Dressed in a clown outfit, he sits on a chair looking at the bathroom mirror applying matching clown makeup.  He is preparing himself in the Auguste Clown style - that is, the happy clown.  However, he is openly weeping as he goes through these motions.

CAPTION: No one suspected the difference would be so great.

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