Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Think of a City - Design Flaw

Oh me, oh my.  Ariela Kristantina's 041 is electrifying, hitting my cerebral cortex like a lightning storm.  After so many days of relatively calm moments being captured, 041 could not be more energetic.  That explosion grabs the eye with its epicentre of pure white, ironically the only point of calm in the whole piece.  From there, no matter where you go, there's something happening, and it's all gold.

On a more global level, it's fascinating to see red burst back onto the conscious radar of Think of a City after a few entries where it had receded.  The coming and going of different elements / motifs will never cease to amaze me.

We're going with a pseudo-1950s setting here.  Suburbia.  Nighttime.  In the rain.

1 - On the front door of a typical suburban house.  Two robots, X19 and X22, stand on opposite sides of the door, looking at each other.  X19 is inside the home, holding the door open in greeting.  X22 is outside, wearing a trenchcoat to help protect against the elements.  Both robots are humanoid in construction, but maybe somewhat boxy in their contours.  Based on the above image, let's say they have round windows where the eyes would be, both glowing a deep red.  While clearly from the same design, there should be minor cosmetic differences between the two (maybe one is less boxy than the other?).
LETTERING NOTE: I'd like some really boxy and robotic word balloons for these guys, if possible.  Maybe some really basic, almost boring type.

X19: What is it?  Has our sibling finally ceased operating?

2 - X22 walks into the house, brushing past X19 and forcing it off to the side.

X22 (1): No such luck.  Another one of our line has been deactivated.

X22 (2): X41.

3 - X19 remains at the still open doorway, looking out into the night.  X22 is perhaps not entirely visible (if not completely off-panel).

X19 (1): ...

X19 (2): But X41 was hunting us.

X22: Yeah...

4 - X22 is in the extreme foreground, holding a knife at their side.  Their body and knife-holding arm might frame the panel, with X19 visible in the space in between (just an idea).  X22 might be in silhouette.  X19 turns and throws up their arms in an attempt to protect themself.

X22: About that.

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