Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Think of a City - Alley Life

Ian Bertram's 050 feels like the very definition of iconic. It focuses in on earlier elements and brings but very few to the fore, magnifying in a way that the eye cannot help but be drawn to. And once you take in the initial view, you slowly realize that there's so much more to see, to discover.

1 - On a woman walking out of a back alley filled with steam.  The woman pulls up the collar on her jacket, a knowing look on her face.

CAPTION: The city can be intimidating at night.

2 - Moving beyond the woman and into the alley, a man's leg is visible on the ground, the rest of him obscured by steam.


3 - Further into the alley and steam. There are half a dozen or so men wearing gang clothing who have all been beaten up. Some are still unconscious, others nurse bruises and breaks. They all look pretty bad.


4 - On a gang member lying on a grate the ground. He has an arm across his face and looks pained. Steam escapes from the grate and rises into the sky.

GANG MEMBER (woozy): ugh...

5 - From the gang member's perspective, looking up. Building walls on either side of the alley rise up on the sides. Rising steam takes up most of the remainder of the panel.

CAPTION: Especially if you meet the wrong person in a dark alley.

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